Our Mission

Goodly Rotten Apple Productions was formed as a place for artists to collaborate and do what we're meant to do- follow our higher calling. Art.

Mary has long had a dream to create a company to produce theatre, film, music, cartoons, and art and utilize the talents of my friends near and far, past and present to see dreams come to life. As theatre is what we know best, we started with a theatre production.

In 2012, we produced a critically acclaimed production of The Water Children by Wendy MacLeod Off Off Broadway and now in 2013, we have just shot our first film, a pilot episode of a new webseries, Lines & Asides.


Mary McGloin - Mary is an AEA, SAG-AFTRA actress who has also been a producer, director, writer, QA Engineer, newspaper columnist, bartender, hostess, waitress, receptionist, greeter, admin, executive admin, radio disc jockey, bouncer, security guard, event planner, cocktail waitress, clown, children's theatre performer, Shakespeare teacher, acting teacher, movement teacher, proofreader, editor, script reader, apprentice, graduate student, undergraduate student, prinicpal's daughter, recovered Catholic, Irish imp, Santa's elf, flower delivery girl, bridesmaid, maid of honor, friend, sister, lover, girlfriend, advice giver, blogger, web designer, road-tripper, world traveler, yoga practicer, soccer player, softball player, songwriter, beer drinker, wino, whiskey enthusiast, Duranie, guitar player, singer, dancer, mover, aerialist, biker, hiker, camper, camp counselor, set builder, cartoon, voiceover actor, film-maker and painter, and a whole host of things she can't remember.

John Philip Hamilton - John is a playwright, producer, and QA Engineer ...and has been an actor, director, film maker, photographer, sound designer, artist, singer/songwriter, bag-boy, usher, boy scout, wall-paperer, waiter, student, movie night host, book seller, barista, events coordinator, web designer, anti-war protestor, film extra, divorcee, auto-tourist, traveler, member of Sons of Borgnine brotherhood, Jimmy Carter apologist, uncle, brother, son, fiance, softball coach, barfly, baker and vinyl enthusiast.